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Why I find Black Veil Brides so inspirational.
  • Set The World On Fire: We stand tall UNITED! Watch them fall DIVIDED! Break the chains and now we`ll show them all, FIGHT! Fight for all you know when your backs against the wall, stand against the liars. Stronger than before when your life becomes a war, set the world on fire.
  • Savior: When I hear your cries praying for life, I will be there,
  • The Legacy: We came from nothing but promise one thing, we'll change the world with these guitars. So listen closely and don't stop working, no one can tell you who you are.
  • Sweet Blasphemy: We are young and we are strong. Through strength in self we become. Something more than they can be, I raise my heart and sing! That I won`t believe this lie. I know there's something more inside. Darkness is all you see, this is our sweet blasphemy.
  • Fallen Angels: Follow the morning star, a land where darkness failed. The passion left unholy, now you found yourself. We have nowhere to go, no one to wish us well, a cry to find our home, our stories they will tell.
  • New Religion: They made a fool out of you but you knew just what to do, raise you fist up and stand until the end. AMEN!
  • Carolyn: So here`s my song I wrote in time when it was needed. Through pain of hearts or lost of mind, your burdens lifted.
  • Knives and Pens: Alone at last we can sit and fight. I've lost all faith in this blurring light. Stay right here we can change our plight. We're storming through this, despite what's right.
  • Ritual: Praying for what your heart brings, thoughts of escape and bloodshot eyes. You`re barely sleeping, no longer dreaming, now what would you do to feel alive? Rise up and celebrate your life, we`re not alone in our ritual.
  • All Your Hate: We learn from all your hate. We are lost in your mistakes. Play our hymn for a brand new day. We burned, we learned.
  • Gunsling: In time, in vain, well I wash my hands of yesterday. If I should fall, if i should pass, if it`s worth one last stand before the gates of hell. I hear those voices calling "take your life." I can not take this lying down.
  • Coffin: I don`t owe you anything. You`ll only die a dream forgoten. I`ve got my pride so hear me sing. I`ll never let you steal my coffin.
  • Unbroken: I`ll never walk away! Tear down the walls that surround. Cry out above the burning sound. Show me how bleeding hearts to pound. If we stand together we will be unbroken.
  • Perfect Weapon: Here`s to you perfect weapon, crack bones with blind aggression. Like black birds whoose wings are broken, you live without direction.
  • Youth and Whiskey: Can you see? Can you see me. I`m strong from what they made me.
  • Never Give In: Never give in, never back down! Never give in, never back down! When your life feels lost, fight against all odds. Never give in, never back down.
  • Morticians Daughter: I will wait dear. A patients of eternity, my crush. A universe so still, no rust. No dust will ever grow on this frame, one million years I will say your name. I love you more than I could ever scream.
  • A Devil For Me: You talk the talk but do you walk the walk? Your apathy is just a living flaw. You pull the trigger counting 1, 2, 3 and it`s a finger flip for you and a devil for me.
  • We Stitch These Wounds: Sit down this won't take long now, with blood these lyrics came. Your words ate right through me, take away my shame.The tears we've cried, this love has died. You're by yourself with me tonight. It's what we hide with every lie and stitch these wounds with me tonight.
  • Rebel Love Song: I can not hide what`s on my mind, I feel it burning deep inside. A passion crime to take what`s mine, let us start living for today. Never gunna change my mind. We can leave it all behind. Nothing`s gunna stop us, no not this time. So take your hand in mine, it`s ours tonight. This is a rebel love song. Hearts will sacrifice, it`s do or die, this is a rebel love song.
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Q: What's croatoan?

Before I answer this I just have to say one thing… I’m sorry to drag you into this. 

Croatoan from the tv series Supernatural. It is a virus making people almost like zombies. I reblogged it today because in the series today is an important day and Lucifer takes over the world and croatoan has spread to basically every corner of the earth.

As I said… I’m sorry

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Put 2 celebrities in my ask,

based only on physical appearance, I’ll tell you who I prefer.

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Jinxx on Average Joe <3